Covario’s API Services: Enhancing your existing management systems

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2 min readMar 9, 2022

Learn how Asset Managers, HFTs and other institutional investors are integrating our API services to their operations

Covario’s made-easy API services for financial trading systems is greatly enhancing our clients’ business operations when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, custody, account management features including position monitoring, reporting and more. With the flexible nature of our API integration, Covario’s clients are even extending services to their own respective clients.

Through a simple integration, clients are able to access all the functionalities of the Covario web portal and desktop trading terminal— our in-house built, one-stop applications delivering fast, secure and scalable solutions for crypto trading. Upon a single request, clients are tapping into our platform offering on-demand, 24/7 trading services including real-time pricing for 60+ crypto and fiat currencies.

Key use cases:

  • Securely access balance and fund information
  • Find a list of tradeable instruments and their recent order book records
  • Request quotes and make orders via WebSockets (SignalR)
  • Connect directly to our trading desk, sales, and technology teams for bespoke services
  • Trade at best rates for 60+ tokens

Technical Setup

Covario offers a set of endpoints for systems to communicate seamlessly. Our team works hand-in-hand with clients’ in-house tech teams to ensure native integrations are set from within the client’s application for optimal user experience.

We offer REST API endpoints for basic client functions including balances and instruments. We utilize backend and the trading app to connect to the customer API. Equipped with endpoints that use WebSockets (SignalR), our API operates at high frequency.

With our API services, clients can benefit from the same interface and functionalities of Covario’s advanced desktop application

Because our technology is built API-first, the integration is flexible and secure, and proven to increase the efficiency of our clients’ daily trading, custody and account management practices.

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