Covario now ranked among Top 10 Employers in Crypto Valley, Switzerland

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3 min readFeb 10, 2022

Per 2021’s CV VC Top 50 report, Covario qualifies as one of top 10 employers in the heart of the global blockchain economy

Zug, Switzerland — According to a recently published industry report, the CV VC Top 50 Report, Covario AG is one of Zug’s top employers in the crypto space — based off the report’s judging criteria such as funding, valuation and employees.

Covario AG currently has 29 full-time employees, 27 of which are based in Crypto Valley, placing the company as the 8th biggest employer in the blockchain space of Zug, Switzerland. Uniquely, Covario’s team is made up of local talent as well as expatriates of international backgrounds who have relocated to Zug from 10+ different countries around the globe. This is a testament to the company’s ongoing relationship with local communities as well as regional authorities to provide both local and international talent the opportunity to work in the crypto space in Zug.

Crypto companies by headcount of employees based in Zug. Source: CV VC Top 50 Report 2021, graph as amended for Covario’s own research

Covario’s employees diversely consist of ex-bulge bracket experts with decades of financial industry experience, PhDs in research, and seasoned specialists across all business units. Internally, knowledge-sharing and professional development is at the heart of the company culture, attested by cross-department learning seminars that are held regularly.

Covario is also vigorously involved with fostering educational opportunities in related disciplines — through partnerships and ongoing discussions with both students and professors at leading universities such as University of Zurich, EPFL and ETH. Covario was present as a keynote speaker at the recent Finance and Technology Conference 2021 on Crypto-assets and Asset Tokenization by EPFL. Covario has hired 20% of its employees from leading universities in Switzerland.

Patrik Gilli, CFO of Covario, commented: “Covario has an exceptionally strong team — a mix of top industry experts with decades of professional experience, and high performing talent, in all our business areas. We are a multi-cultural, international-minded company supporting various initiatives dedicated to cultivating tomorrow’s leaders in an emerging industry.”

Covario has been associated with Crypto Valley since 2019 — where the top 50 companies are valuated at over half a trillion USD ($611.8bn), with fourteen Unicorns. Zug remains the heart of Crypto Valley with 528 companies, followed by Zurich with 204. Other top clusters include Liechtenstein 85, Geneva 69 and Ticino 50.

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