CoinDesk feature: Covario’s Head of Trading discusses stablecoins

Covario’s Head of Trading Florian Giovannacci speaks to CoinDesk on algorithmic stablecoins

Graph source: CoinDesk’s ‘First Mover’ daily newsletter

“This illustrates the current flaws with algorithmic stablecoins and I expect it to have a durable effect on others in the space,” noted Florian Giovannacci, head of trading at Covario AG, in a Telegram chat with CoinDesk.

“This will trigger a risk repricing on all stablecoins,” said Giovannacci. “The winner out of this will be clearly USDC.”

According to Giovannacci, USDC is the safest stablecoin because it is fully backed and audited. “I expect its market share to get a boost with such events, especially if tight U.S. regulation comes by year-end.”

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